Ultra Soft and Extremely Affordable Thermal Gap Filler Released

Sarcon PG25A is one of Fujipoly’s softest, most compressible and affordable thermal gap filler materials. It offers gel like consistency in a convenient sheet form. The product is ideal for applications that have delicate components and high compression rates. When it is

Fujipoly Announces Free Thermal Interface Material Webinar

On February 26th at 1:30 PM ET, Fujipoly will host a live webinar that reveals many of the advantages putty-type thermal interface materials offer compared to standard gap filler pads. Thermal interface material expert Christian Mainegra, will also host a live question

High Performance Thin Film

Fujipoly offers a high-performance thin film that delivers a thermal conductivity of 2.2 W/m•K with a thermal resistance as low as .33°C•in 2 /W. Sarcon 45-YR-a is a V-0 rated, 0.45 mm thick advanced silicone material that effectively eliminates near-microscopic air gaps